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To the Surprise of No One, Fallout 76's Map is Called Appalachia

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Bethesda loves to provide its Fallout games with appropriately-named maps on which the action takes place, noting specific locations in the US. We've had the Capital Wasteland and The Commonwealth in past Fallout games. Now thanks to a new post from the Fallout team, we know the name of the Fallout 76 map: Appalachia. It's fairly unsurprising given the "Country Roads" theme song that specifically mentions "West Virginia", a state fully within the region.

The Twitter post also showed off one of the more unique weapons that players can create called a Guitar Sword. To our eye, it looks more like a banjo and evokes thoughts of Deliverance...

At any rate, now we know where Fallout 76 is set. What do you think?

Via Eurogamer


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