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TitanReach Teases Improvements in Next Patch with Their Latest Development Blog

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If you’re a fan of “old-school” MMORPG’s, then you may delight in TitanReach, a game focused on creating a re-imagined take on old-school MMORPG’s. In the latest developer blog, Square Root Studios outlines the improvements that are headed to the game in the next patch.

As TitanReach takes shape, improvements are rolling out, such as an overhaul to the PvP island, an updated UI, and new 3D assets and animations. The small development team, comprised of 17 employees, notes that the game is still chugging along, despite still being shorthanded on the programming side.

Whilst we do have a shortage of programmers on the team, they are still working hard. When building a large game like this, programmers aren't just making cool gameplay systems to show off each patch. In our case, our main programmers are Unravel and Fish. Apart from being founders with the responsibilities that role brings, the last few months of their development time has included both heavy client and server optimisation, refactoring, extendability, UI implementation, level design scripts/tools and roughly a dozen other things lead programmers are responsible for in a large project like this. Unfortunately, the majority of their work hasn't been cool gameplay systems we can show off yet.

– Echo, Community Manager, TitanReach

Currently, TitanReach is in early access, and players can get access for $54 dollars. The game began early development in 2019, with a plan to end early access by the end of 2021, where it will then transition into a Closed Alpha status that Square Root Studios believes will run for about 6 months, with a launch of sometime in quarter 4 of 2022. Closed Alpha progress will not transfer over to the full release, where players can pay $8.00 a month for a subscription. TitanReach aims to provide an old-school MMORPG experience that factors in social and guild aspects, an exciting narrative, and plenty of customization.

TitanReach initially fell short of funding the game on Kickstarter back in October of 2020. In February of 2021, Square Root Studios summarized their expenses for the ongoing development of the game, at around 20 thousand dollars a month, and currently, the Credit Store on the TitanReach site shows that more than 181 thousand dollars has been raised through supporters of the title. Square Root Studios has provided a significant number of updates during their development and plans to stay as transparent as possible throughout the advancement of TitanReach. With 2021 nearly half over and Closed Alpha creeping quickly, an increasingly busy year is in the works for Sqrt.


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