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TitanReach Latest Patch Brings Free to Play to Early Access - Available Now

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If you’ve been following TItanReach’s development and were waiting for your chance to get into the game, wait no longer. With the rollout of patch 0.4.3, you can get into Titanreach’s early access for free, to assist Square Root Studios with finding bugs, and shaping the game for a better experience.

The medieval fantasy game TitanReach has hit their next milestone, a free-to-play Early Access version has now been released, allowing those that haven’t purchased early access to jump in for the first time. Early Access will run until the start of Closed Alpha. Those that want to continue shaping the game by providing bug reports and opinions on gameplay can purchase one of 3 tiers of Closed Alpha packs, Bronze, Silver or Gold, by October 1st. Closed Alpha is planned for Quarter 4 of 2021.

The 14-member team at Square Root Studios has been working towards their goal of launching TitanReach in Quarter 4 of 2022. Despite missing the mark on their Kickstarter Funding, the team has managed to keep development alive with nearly 200K dollars in contributions from the community in their store. All of the money received has been spent on furthering development, and with the introduction of the free Early Access, those interested in seeing the state of the game leading into Closed Alpha can do so without having to shell out money for entry.

TitanReach boasts a large open world called Alyssia, where players can master 20 unique skills, and level them all the way to 100, which Sqrt believes would take roughly between 100 and 200 hours of play time to achieve. The game will have a ‘fast-paced’ combat system, a player-driven economy, epic boss battles, and PvP.  TitanReach will eventually be released on Windows, MacOS and Linux, with plans to possibly add Console post-launch, though only a Windows version is available for download at the moment.

[Edit: Clarification from Square Root Studios on Timeframe]

After speaking with Echo the community manager at Square Root Studios we were able to clarify a couple points. Early Access will run until the end of November, though it is not definitive, and could sway a month in either direction.  Players that play in Early Access will not be able to keep their character between Early Access and Closed Alpha, as the servers will be wiped between phases.


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