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TitanReach is an Upcoming Social, Skill-Based MMORPG

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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TitanReach is an upcoming MMORPG from Square Root Studios. And the team hosted an FAQ of sorts over on the Reddit providing tons of details.

In TitanReach, you’ll explore a wild land where you’re tasked with discovering your connection to the ancient titans. Interestingly, it looks like TitanReach actually began as a passion project of sorts in 2019 by the studio’s founders, Fish and Unravel. However, they’ve since expanded their team to 16 people with the game currently in the early stages of development.

TitanReach is set in a large open world with several regions within. Current regions in development include the mysterious Glimmermoore, the desert Runai, and the Taurboro Steppe.

A detailed skill system is also in development with 20 unique skills with a max level of 100. Square Root Studios notes,

“We wanted to integrate our skills in realistic and rewarding ways. For example, instead of buying food from a shop and using it at a stove to level up cooking- players can use combat skills or the Fishing skill to obtain ingredients which are then used within the Cooking skill. Some of those ingredients can also be used within Arcana for disenchantment and Alchemy to create potions. You may also want to create your own fire to cook using the Woodcutting and Survival skills.”

The Reddit post also touches on their intent for meaningful quests which tie into the larger overall story. Specifically, they want to avoid generic “kill X monsters or give X items to NPCs”. Social systems were discussed with parties, trading, PvP, guilds, dungeons, co-op skilling, mini games, and Tavern Games. The team is also targeting a player-driven economy and action-based combat with dodge mechanics, ranged weapons, and various abilities.

If you’re interested in TitanReach, it’s currently in Early Access which requires purchase to play. You can register for a free account here and learn more on their Discord. The team is targeting a full release in Q4 2022.


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