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TitanReach Explains it All in First Q&A Session

Steven Weber Posted:
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The team behind TitanReach held their first subreddit showcase, which gave potential players the opportunity to hop in and ask questions about the upcoming “Open-World Fantasy Skilling MMORPG.” The Q&A covered a lot of ground, from Square Root Studios’ world design inspiration, to which items may be soulbound.

Square Root Studios’ first Q&A delved into a lot of features related to the teams’ design decisions, gameplay aspects, and upcoming changes that are sure to pique the interest of those that have been following the game. Here are five handpicked questions out of the 20 total that were answered during the subreddit showcase:

We have seen images of Glimmermoore’s town from a distance. Can all buildings be entered by the player? If so, will some of them be instanced or will they be on the same scene?Currently most buildings are not enterable, with some exceptions like the bank and tavern as I'm sure you wouldn't want strangers entering your home uninvited either! We do plan to have more buildings enterable in the future based on need, most won’t need to be instanced, but there may be some exceptions.

Other than the combat rework that has been mentioned, what other big changes or features are coming to TitanReach?The combat “rework” is the largest part, however, it’s more of a combat implementation than a rework. As the combat you’ve seen was mostly used to implement and test various aspects in the game, like damage, health, respawning and experience. With this there’s also other missing content still to be added, including dungeons and bosses, achievements, minigames, various quests, Tavern Games, some skill touch ups and even implementing new skills like Slayer and Arcana. This is only a short list of content to still be seen.

Will there be an auction house or central trading space? If so, how will it work?We value player interaction a lot and feel an auction house or market house itself takes away too much from it. There will be both player to player trading and player stalls. Player stalls are an option for players to sell their goods while remaining AFK. Players will be able to set up their own stalls and sell their goods similar to an NPC, by choosing their own items to sell, the price and quantity. This will include a separate chat window for customers to easily leave a message to haggle out a better price.

Will cosmetics override armours and weapons, or will they be equipped in their place?Yes, we will have a wardrobe/transmog system where cosmetics will override the gear you are wearing. The override will have some limitations that are mostly based on location, such as PVP zones, including some minigames and other content where they will be disabled.

You recently teased a day/night cycle. How will that impact the overall game? Other than the sky changing, what other implications will it have for the player?We aim to have the day/night system affect quests as well as mob spawns- the Slayer skill will play a big part with this. Not every creature can be approached when it's awake, or some won't be around during the night, while others will only appear in the evening.

TitanReach has continued their development despite a failed Kickstarter back in October of 2020. The game has made great strides as they’ve increased their team size as they aim to launch the game at the end of 2022.


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