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Tinkerfest Returns to EverQuest II and Opens the New Summer Jubilee

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 EverQuest II  is launching Tinkerfest today and running through June 15th. This time, Tinkerfest has been folded into the new overarching Summer Jubilee event, but still comes with its own rewards and surprises.

Tinkerfest has been an ongoing event in Everquest II for quite some time, and if you meet up with the tinkerers at Gnomeland Security, you’ll be able to kick off your event questing and road to rewards. A Tinkerer’s Guild, Ak’anon that has been reformed needs your help. 

Overall, on the live servers you'll be able to partake in the full event. There is a new adventure quest called Blood, Sweat, & Hiers for levels 120 +, a new tradeskill quest for tinkering, a new dungeon with both solo and heroic versions, Tinkerer’s Trial, new merchant items, a new tinkering recipe book and more. These new recipes will require collecting the Shiny Tinkerfest Cogs you’ll be able to get your hands on via the event. 

For special rules servers, there are a few change due to expansion availability, but the event is live in some form across all of them. 

The new dungeon,Tinkerer’s Trial, is something you can return to for additional reward. 

Of course there's also an abundance of returning features to the event. Because the event is now considered part of the overarching Summer Jubilee event, marks the first time you'll have an opportunity to obtain a pair of Golden F’Aestival Bracers. You'll get a pair of by completing the event dungeon Tinkerers Trial six times. When you get these bracers you'll find that they have a new buff on them, Steam Powered Metabolism, which gives you a number of benefits.

Due to the nature of Summer Jubilee, when you participate in all three events, Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky Celebration, and Oceansfull Festival, you'll be able to increase the stat bonus and make your bracers increasingly more powerful.

For more on Tinkerfest and how to get started, head over to EverQuest II.


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