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TIN HiFi Announces P2 Planar Magnetic IEM

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TIN HiFi is full of surprises. Just when you think you have them pinned down, they come out with something unexpected. That’s certainly the case here with the P2 planar magnetic IEMs. It’s an ultra-premium package for the brand, delivering the rare-in-an-IEM planar magnetic driver in a stainless steel housing for $369 – or $339 if you pre-order.

We’re still waiting on full details, but the pictures show a re-design and much more stylish housing, as well as elegant packaging and presentation that’s a clear step up from the P1.

Both of these are fitting since the original P1 retailed for a whopping $200 less at $169 out of the gate. That said, a good pair of planar magnetic IEMS tends to be awfully expensive. At $169, the P1s were incredibly cheap compared to many others. At $369, they’re much more in line with what we would expect to see.

Planar magnetic drivers are less common, but highly coveted, in the IEM world. Their unique method of sound delivery tends to allow for exceptional bass while still delivering outstanding detail in the mids and highs. That was mostly the case with the original P1s when I reviewed them.

Find out more over at HiFi Go.


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