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Timewalking Raids Are (Maybe) a Thing in the Future

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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During a World of Warcraft live stream Q&A with Blizzard's Paul Kubit, the discussion turned to timewalking, a feature that updates dungeons from past expansions to current content levels and that can provide an alternate way to level and gear up characters. During the overall discussion of the Pandaria dungeon timewalking, it was revealed that timewalking raids are probably arriving at some point but that balancing them for current content is challenging.

The discussion also contained information along a number of other subjects including crafting, professions, obliterum, micro-holidays, profession gear, Brawler's Guild, weekly events and more.

You can check out the stream below for more details or head to IcyVeins.com for the full write up.


Suzie Ford

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