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Time Warp in a New Way as Warframe Announces Protea Prime Coming May 1st

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Warframe’s next Prime Access release will be Protea Prime, set to release May 1st. Digital Extremes released details on Protea Prime, along with the next dev stream and what reveals are ahead.

Protea Prime will become available on all platforms May 1st as part of the Prime Access program, Meaning that if you collect the right components you can craft her in game or purchase her from the marketplace. You too can warp time in some new ways with some new upgrades. 

With her status as a representative of a long-lost technologically advanced society, Protea Prime has increased energy, a Dash Polarity mod slot, and new armor. Select between devices to toss grenades,  plasma charges, or even distribute health and energy pickups for your allies. In addition to all of these extra options, she has her two signature weapons for enemies to contend with. And she can rewind time.

Velox Prime and Okina Prime are those signature weapons. A sidearm with a circular design, Velox Prime is the key to all that time-warping. Dual daggers with fine blades, Okina Prime delivers slash damage.  

There will be a marketplace bundle with additional cosmetics, including a new helmet, back piece, and the Temporal Prime Ephemera energy aura. 

Digital Extremes will be revealing much more about Protea Prime, as well as some new details about the first day of TennoCon 2024. Stream will happen on April 26th at 2:00 p.m. Eastern on the Warframe Twitch, YouTune, and TikTok. Also promise another peek at Warframe: 1999 and more on Jade Shadows.


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