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Tier 8 Horses and Courses System Hitting Black Desert Online in Next Update

Special S tier skills

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Tier 8 horses along with a Courser system are set to arrive in Black Desert Online in the next update. Here’s what you need to know.

As for what exactly a Tier 8 horse is, it’s effectively a stronger and faster horse compared to a lowered tier horse. Additionally, Tier 8 horses will be able to utilize S tier skills. Some Tier 8 exclusive horse skills include:

  • S: Fore Chop – similar to Fore Chop but deals more damage
  • S: Hind Kick – similar to Hind Kick but deals more damage
  • S: Instant Acceleration – an additional burst of speed after Instant Accel
  • S: Sideways – Similar to Sideways but activates faster

Alongside these Tier 8 horses, a Courser system is set to be introduced. Your horse can become a courser only if they possess certain skills at certain tiers. However, the upside here is that the value of this horse will increase by 360% on the breeding market. Speaking of the breeding market,

“Breeding two coursers together guarantees that the foal will have two skills upon birth, which is a huge step in the right direction of obtaining another courser. Breeding a Courser with a non-Courser will give you a chance of obtaining a foal with two skills, however this is not guaranteed and it is recommended to breed with other coursers to get the full value of the horse. Exchanging courser parents will always result in a goal with one skill.”

You can learn more here.


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