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Tibia Celebrates 25 Year With a Fun Look into the Studio and a New Feature Announcement

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Tibia is one of the oldest MMORPGs and is still running today with an active community. Launched way back on January 7, 1997, the game is not only one of the oldest online games, especially notable since it’s not only still running, but the game thrives. 

To celebrate, there’s a new video taking us behind the scenes in a humorous way around the CipSoft studio and serves as a bit of an intro to the team and the studio’s founders. They have a little fun with it and add in elements of the game, since the point is marking its 25th anniversary after all, but there’s even something new to announce: For the first  time in its 25 years running, Tibia will be getting sound. The sound is in pre-alpha, as shown in the video, but sound will be coming to the full game this year. 

According to the 25th anniversary announcement (via press release), Tibia has broken a few revenue records in the past several years on its way to the lifetime of over 200 million Euros in income. As a result, development continues. CipSoft co-CEO and co-founder Ulrich Schlott adds that “Tibia is running more successfully than ever before, in part due to our close cooperation with our community. After 25 years, we still have plenty of ideas to keep bringing fresh content to the world of Tibia." For an online game that has been not just running for 25 years, but running while supported and even seeing growth in recent years, it is pretty remarkable.

The MMORPG genre has seen many games come and go, so this is a notable one. Of course there’s no game anniversary without some kind of event and new rewards to obtain, so that will also begin.

For more, including a list of the 25th anniversary events, head over to Tibia.


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