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Throne and Liberty Producer's Letter Part 2: Delving Deeper into the World Beyond Level 30

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Steven Weber Posted:
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In the second installment of the Producer's Letter, Jongok Ahn, the producer of Throne and Liberty (TL), provided an in-depth look into the game's content post level 30. The letter, a follow-up to the first part we reported on earlier this month, offers a comprehensive view of the challenges and adventures awaiting players.

Jongok Ahn began the Producer’s Letter by expressing gratitude for the community's continued interest and support. He emphasized the team's commitment to delivering a great experience, which comes on the heels of the a lot of pessimism that stemmed from the first tech test which knocked the game for having auto play, stale combat, and slow progression. In the second Producer’s Letter, he began by detailing some of the enemies and areas players can look forward to post level 30.

Dangerous Enemies Await

Among the adversaries introduced is Malachar, the Eye of Death. Drawing inspiration from Norse mythology, Malachar is a minion of Silabeth, the God of Destruction. As an interdimensional being, this formidable enemy possesses the ability to summon its alter ego from other dimensions, challenging players to intercept its deadly energy beams before it makes Malachar unstoppable.

Another significant adversary is Archboss Tevent, a former court wizard resurrected as a colossal skeleton. Tevent's prowess lies not only in his physical strength but also in his mastery of black magic and potent curses. Players must strategize to cleanse Tevent's lair of its curses using the surrounding moat's clear water.

Expanding the World

The expansive continent of Throne and Liberty is teeming with new adventures. Jongok Ahn detailed a new area called The Fornos Basin, which is home to the fierce Fornos Orcs.

He also stated that players will travel to other unique zones such as the Grayclaw Forest, which is inhabited by the Lycan Kowanjukis and Lizard Island, which is a volcanic island off Stoneguard's coast that houses the hostile Lizard tribe.

Party Instance Dungeons: A Test of Teamwork

One of the game's highlights that Jongok Ahn pointed out is the introduction of Party Instance Dungeons, designed specifically for 6-player parties. In these dungeons, you’ll see challenges for players of all skill levels, as the dungeons are divided into two sections: the "Breach" and the "Boss section." The Breach offers players a chance to strategize and work together, while the Boss section demands a high degree of coordination and skill. These instanced dungeons are meant to be the pinnacle of party play, and each dungeon will require players figure out the “gimmick” in order to be successful.

The Producer's Letter Part 2 gave us a tantalizing glimpse into Throne and Liberty and what we should expect from end-game content. While it’s clear that NC and Amazon have their work cut out for them, it seems as though they are taking player feedback constructively and working to make the game a success. Hopefully it manages to fulfill players’ expectations.


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