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THQ Nordic Unveils Alone In The Dark Remake, New RTS Tempest Rising, And More

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THQ Nordic's digital event today pulled back the veil on the titles they have in the works, including a remake of one of gaming's most storied franchises, Alone in the Dark.

The event today saw the publisher unveil four upcoming titles ahead of Gamescom this month: Alone in the Dark, a new RTS that blends classic RTS gameplay with new innovative elements named Tempest Rising, an upcoming multiplayer racer Wreckreaction, and a soothing survival game that sees the player become an property developer, but in space.

Alone in the Dark is likely the heavy hitter of the bunch. A reimagining of the classic 90s horror title, AitD takes the story told in the original and expands upon it. Set in Derceto Manor, a home for the "mentally fatigued," developer Pieces Interactive aims to bring the hallmarks of the series back with this new retelling. Leaning hard on the classic horror experience that helped spawn a genre, players will explore the manor as one of two characters from the original: private investigator Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood, who has hired Edward to hunt for her uncle.

Set in the American South in the 1920s, Alone in the Dark leans heavily into its southern gothic themes, with the story being helmed by SOMA and Amnesia writer Mikael Hedberg. The setting blends the classic noir setting of the original with classic Lovecraftian elements. 

THQ Nordic lightened the mood with a look at a cute little space-building game, allowing players to play out the fantasy of what it would be like to be a property developer, but in space. Space for Sale lets you answer that question, sending players to a recently purchased solar system of their own to build up resources, sell property and discover the origin of mysterious space rot that has seemingly plagued the system. 

Wreckreaction sees players race in their very own little world, able to build, create and shape it to their liking in real-time. And obviously, wreck their cars in the process.  An open-world sandbox racer that encourages building your own obstacles, tracks, tricks and more in order to race against the computer or your own friends in PvP multiplayer modes. MixWorld, a 400 square kilometer playground for players is meant to help unlock player creativity, allowing them to just place jumps, loops, and more anywhere in the world to challenge each other.

Finally, Tempest Rising was revealed by THQ Nordic, 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks. The upcoming RTS is designed to bring classic real-time strategy gameplay with modern innovations. However, the team states that it's rooted in the classic RTS' that helped define the genre in the 90s. 

With two playable campaigns that tell the story of an alternate history future Earth, the conflict between the two central factions, the Global Defense Forces and the Tempest Dynasty, follows a disastrous nuclear war. A peculiar resources, called the Tempest, is up for grabs as the nuclear fallout has seen it come to the surface. 

Tempest Rising features all the hallmarks of classic RTS gameplay: resource harvesting, base buildings, interactions with the terrain, and the rock-paper-scissors combat of the boots on the ground. You can check ou the reveal trailer below, with Tempest Rising coming in 2023.


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