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Thousands of Bots Were Banned in WoW Classic

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Well. It looks like Blizzard has just banned thousands of bots in WoW Classic according to a recent forum post reiterating how no cheats or hacks are allowed.

The post is pretty straightforward and serves as a warning of sorts,

“Our anti-cheat team takes action against botters and hackers 24/7, and every time I’ve asked them “how many botters were actioned yesterday?”, the number is always in the thousands. That’s a global number, by the way.”

It continues, discussing how their anti-cheat looks specifically at areas which are popular for botting,

“Our anti-cheat team focuses on pop ular botting spots, especially areas that are commonly reported by players. For example, Dire Maul has been one such area for cheaters, so a lot of attention from my colleagues has been put on Dire Maul recently.”

Blizzard concludes by encouraging players to continue to report instances of cheating or hacking. These player reports work in tandem with Blizzard’s own in-house tools to track down the changing strategies of cheaters and hackers.


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