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This week in TERA Sees Start Of Its Enchanting Success Event

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new event is about to begin in TERA, starting on October 1 and brings with it bonus enchanting and upgrading success rates.

The latest blog post shared additional details on the Enchanting Success event running from October 1 10am PDT through October 15 10a PDT. The following gear tiers will have an increased success chance during the course of the event:
  • Twistshard—Twice the Base Chance of Success

  • Frostmetal—Four times the Base Chance of Success

  • Stormcry—Four times the Base Chance of Success

Additionally, Federation Gem Crates and Lustrous Federation Crates will be priced at 195 EMP. Federation Gem Crates will include one of the following:

  • 15–100 sapphires

  • 30–200 rubies

  • 750–800 emeralds

  • 75–80 diamonds

Lustrous Federation Crates will include on of the following six:

  • 75–600 Golden Talents

  • 75–600 Silver Talents

  • 50–200 Golden Darics

  • 100–200 Golden Plates

  • 50–100 Silver Siglos

  • 25–50 Silver Plate

The event also features:

  • Increased gold and reputation for Vanguard requests

  • All-class leveling event

  • Starlyn dungeon event

  • The ending of the Open world boss spawn event

Check out the full post for more.


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