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This is the Additional Content Planned for Star Citizen 3.14

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, Star Citizen developers Cloud Imperium Games outlined what you can expect in Alpha 3.14 in their Patch Watch series. This community update was all about thrusters tuning, ships, and Power Triangle.

If you missed it, you can catch up on Alpha 3.13 here. This community post outlines a bunch of detail on each feature. For example, the design goals around thrusters tuning include a focus on realism with respect to maximum g-force exhibited on the pilot. Additionally, the team wanted to avoid nose-to-nose combat, PIP wiggling, and movement scripts. Finally, they want to change afterburner to boost.

The reason for their design goals is to tune each ship based on the role it plays,

“We tuned each ship toward its intended role. This means tuning ships to fit within an expected performance envelope for the use cases they were designed for while having clear pros and cons. For simplicity, during this ongoing balancing process, we used basic fighter archetype classes[.]”

These ship classes include light fighters, interceptors/interdictors, medium fighters, and heavy fighters. The update also discusses ships and power triangle. With respect to the latter, Cloud Imperium Games will be testing different behaviors between the shield manufacturers which exist in-game,

“In Star Citizen Alpha 3.14, shields have varying degrees of damage hardening bonuses that are automatically applied if the power triangle is directed towards the shields. On the other hand, if you tweak the power triangle towards weapons, you'll be rewarded with slightly higher weapon capacitor output, giving you more loaded energy weapon shots.”

You can check out the full update here. Elsewhere in Star Citizen’s ‘verse, the team just wrapped up Pride Month celebrations.  


Poorna Shankar