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Third-Person Extraction Shooter HAWKED Enters Early Access Today On PC

Console version planned for 2024

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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MY.Games has launched its third-person extraction shooter, HAWKED, into early access today, bringing its colorful take on the genre to Steam and its own My.Games launcher. A console version is planned for 2024.

Announced during this morning's PC Gamer Show: Most Wanted live stream, HAWKED is a game that, at least on an art level, exudes style unlike other extraction survival shooters. It's cartoony, colorful and eyecatching - reminding me a bit of Fortnite at a quick glance.

The shooter itself sees teams of up to three players (or solo, your call) to find and extract artifacts, which can only be found by taking down other players, monsters and solving puzzles around the HAWKED world. It's a race to see who can extract first, as those who do win the session outright - though you can still leave the island with lesser treasure and ways to upgrade your character for that next run.

MY.Games also promises that X-Isle, the place where the game takes place, is an "evolving island," bringing changes to its dynamic map every session. Artifacts are found in temples and ruins covered in boobytraps, as well as the occasional other player.

You can check out HAWKED now on Steam, and while it's in Early Access on PC starting today, the team at MY.Games is planning a console version, due out sometime in 2024.


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