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Third Episode In Guild Wars 2's The Icebrood Saga To Release Without Voice Acting

You guessed it, COVID-19

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Episode 3 of Guild Wars 2’s Icebrood Saga is set to ship without voice acting as the team cites COVID-19 as the driving factor.

As the pandemic continues to affect everyone’s daily life and the normal goings on of society, it’s natural our favorite hobby is affected. To that end, the team states,

“Because the recording studio staff and voice actors who help bring Guild Wars 2 to life are also abiding by shelter-in-place guidance to keep the virus from spreading, we’ve chosen to release the upcoming third episode of The Icebrood Saga without voice acting.”

The post continues, explaining that such a decision is a difficult one to make, but the team intends to keep releasing content for Guild Wars 2 in a regular schedule. Only once the current situation is safe will the team create studio-quality voice recording and update the episode accordingly.

“The trailer for the next episode of The Icebrood Saga, “No Quarter,” arrives next week, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store! In the meantime, we’d like to share some messages from members of our amazing English Guild Wars 2 voice-acting cast.”

Check out the trailer below:


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