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These Are Your February Events for Star Wars The Old Republic

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In-game events for Star Wars: The Old Republic have been announced. Here’s what you can expect when dive in.

The first event starts next week on February 9 and will run through February 16. This event will be the Rakghoul Resurgence on Alderaan. You’ll need to be level 25 or higher to participate. If you’ve played a Rakghoul Resurgence in the past, this should be fairly familiar to you. There’s currently an outbreak of the Rakghoul plague on Alderaan. It’s up to you and your friends to stop it.

As expected, there are rewards for your efforts including:

  • Reputation with THORN
  • Merciless Seeker’s Armor Set
  • THORN Epicenter and Dark Vector Armor Sets
  • Outbreak Response Weapons
  • Alliance Contact - Doctor Lokin
  • Infected Varactyl and Infected Dewback Mounts
  • Ferocious Rakghoul Mini-pets
  • More…

Bounty Contract Week starts on February 23 and runs through March 2. This one requires you to be only level 15 or higher. Every day during this week, you’ll be able to sign up for one Henchman contract, and one high profile Kingpin contract. If you complete five standard contracts, you’ll unlock various Kingpin missions.

Rewards for this event include:

  • Reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association
  • Bounty Tracker’s Armor Set and Contract Hunter’s Armor Set
  • Assassin’s Bowcaster and Elite Tracker’s Bowcaster weapons
  • Lobelot, Swamp Kell Drake, and Drink Server Probe Mini-pets
  • BH-7X Custom Hunter Mount
  • More…


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