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These Are Your December Events for Ultima Online

Dat Krampus

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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December events for Ultima Online have been announced in a recent community newsletter.

There are actually four such events, including the Forest of the Dark event which is set to conclude on December 19. You still have time to take the fight to The Guide. The Artisan Festival began on the first of this month and is set to run through January 5. Tears of the Ice Dragon, currently underway, will end on January 15. Finally, Krampus is back until January 15.

A Q&A was also published talking about additional housing storage (no plans yet), reports of a cooking bug, and an issue about EV’s and teleportation. The team responded,

“We are not aware of this and would appreciate any details to be able to track this down and reproduce it.  Details such as what players are fighting, how many creatures are in the area, where they are when teleported and where they are teleported to.  Anything you guys can tell us to narrow this down would be appreciated.”

For more details on what’s new with Ulimta Online, be sure to check out the full newsletter.


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