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These Are the PvP Gear Changes Coming to WoW 9.1

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Several PvP gear changes are incoming for World of Warcraft as part of Patch 9.1. The changes aren’t necessarily straightforward in some respects, with changes making gear stronger overall and item scaling taking place.

The analysis of the PvP changes arrives courtesy of Wowhead and outlines trade-offs and more. Item scaling is a big change here, with scaling taking place for Honor and Conquest gear. This has the knock-on effect of your PvP gear being actually stronger than you’re accustomed to.

Your gear will then scale automatically when you enter a PvP instance or pick a fight. If you recall the scaling from Warlords of Draenor PvP, the scaling here should be similar. As Wowhead notes, however, prepare for a trade-off, chiefly, your gear will actually be weaker when not in PvP.

The key highlights, then, are that PvP gear will be overall more powerful when you’re in PvP, but weaker outside PvP. Your Duelist PvP rewards, meanwhile, will scale up to Mythic raid end boss item level loot in PvP. Finally, you won’t have to worry about upgrading your Elite PvP weapons with Honor from the get go.

WoW Classic is gearing up for the launch of Burning Crusade Classic next week on June 1. However, the pre-patch is available now, so you should definitely make sure you’re all patched up if you’re aiming to hop into the expansion on day 1. In the meantime, be sure to make yourself aware of the known issues ahead of the expansion.

Recently, Blizzard made the community upset over the $35 character clone fee. However, they retracted and lowered the priced to $15.


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