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These Are the Player Archetypes for Crowfall's HungerDome Arena Tournament

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The HungerDome is a competitive arena for Crowfall’s Eternal Champions Series tournament set to take place later this May. Ahead of the series, the team has shared the various archetypes players will control during the tournament as the compete for a prize pool.

The tournament itself will see 12 teams of five players competing in 30 minute Throne War battle arena. They’ll fight for a prize pool worth over $50,000 in both cash and various prizes. These prizes include game peripherals and more from the likes of Razer, Alienware, and Intel.

Teams will have a composition restriction which includes a max of two defense characters, max of two support characters, and no duplicate promotion classes. These promotion classes are a specialized role in a class. As a reminder, each class in Crowfall consists of three such promotion classes.

The support archetypes include the Centuar Crusader, Elken Paladin, High Elf Inquisitor, Human Arbiter, and Wood Elf Earthkeeper. The defense archetypes include the Stoneborn Secutor, Minotaur Pit Fighter, Nethari Sanctifier, Wood Elf Frostguard, and Elken Fury. Finally, the damage archetypes include the Half Giant Alpha Warrior, Half Elf Stormcaller, Human Warden, High Elf Archmage, Nethari Fanatic, Minotaur Titan, Fae Blackguard, and Guinecean Slayer. You can learn more about these archetypes here.

In case you missed it, the team shared their roadmap for the short, medium, and long terms earlier in March. You can take a read here at what the team is planning for those time periods from tech, to features, to quality of life.


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