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These Are the Known Issues for Burning Crusade Classic Ahead of Next Week's Release

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you somehow missed it, WoW Classic’s next expansion, The Burning Crusade Classic, is set to release next week on June 1. But before you dive in, you might want to be aware of some known issues which Blizzard has handily outlined.

Even though Burning Crusade Classic is launching next week, the pre-patch has been available since May 18. Ahead of its release, there are several known issues you should keep in mind when dive back into Azeroth.

These known issues run the gamut from graphics, visual effects, combat, spells, abilities, items, UI, and sound. For example, here are known issues for combat, spells, and abilities:

  • Casting the Mage spell Blink while facing a nearby wall may occasionally cause the spell to Fizzle and result in your character remaining in place.
  • Energy Regen ticks can sometimes provide slightly more or slightly less than 20 energy.
  • Damage taken while drowning is currently slightly different from the original Burning Crusade.
  • Stealth animations for Druid and Rogue differ slightly on some races compared to the original Burning Crusade.
  • Warriors that are slowed while changing stances may occasionally play a very slow “running” animation rather than the appropriate walking animation.
  • Including /stopcasting in a spell macro can cause animation hitching or delays in some situations.

You can check out the full list of known issues here. The same day the pre-patch hit, the WoW Classic auction house also reopened. But speaking of that pre-patch, you may have noticed it took longer than usual. This is because players’ in-game mailboxes were the culprit for the extension. And just recently, Blizzard changed course on clone pricing, reducing it from $35 to $15.


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