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These Are The Competitive Changes Coming to Valorant Act III

Plus a tease for Episode 2

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Competitive changes are inbound for Act III of Valorant. Here are the planned list of changes arriving on October 27.

First up, Riot will limit rank tiers you can queue with. These ranks will be limited from six tiers to three tiers. Riot makes mention that rank circles are important still and they’re continuing to work on them.

You’ll be able to select your preferred server, however, the team cannot guarantee you’ll get placed the server of your choice. Riot still wanted to increase the chance of you selecting your server in order to improve your ping.

Immortal-plus ranks will become 100% decided by a win or loss and the final score. Act rank badges will of course be on hand. Riot also teases what’s in hand for Episode 2 and beyond,

“Depending on the results of our Immortal-plus ranked experiment, we’re looking to apply the pure w/l measurement across all ranks.

Also, a public, region-based leaderboard is on it’s way! More projects are in the works, but you’ll have to wait until we’re closer to Episode 2.”


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