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These Are Some Weapon Changes Coming to Destiny 2

Weapon types, Adept, Exotics

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A host of changes are arriving in Destiny 2 for weapons in Beyond Light.

The update itself is quite extensive, but there are some key changes coming to weapon types, adept, exotics, and more. For example, several Crucible-focused adjustments are inbound including the hand canons. This breaks down into Aggressive, Precision, Lightweight, and Adaptive. Aim assist is getting tweaked as well dependent on the zoom of your sniper.

Some perks were touched on as well, specifically Outlaw and Merciless, in addition to exotics. Adept weapons will make their return to Trials. This basically translate to Trial weapons now receiving Adept versions of these weapons. Want to mod these weapons? You’ll need to earn the Flawless Trials Passage in addition to making sure you open the chest.

Finally, Adept weapons look like they’ll be locked into a rotation. This is to ensure you’ll be able to focus on earning certain weapons at certain times.


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