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There's a lot of Game Balance Changes Coming to Path of Exile 'Echoes of the Atlas'

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Hot off the heals of the Echoes of the Atlas expansion for Path of Exile, developer Grinding Gear Games have announced some balance information. And by “some,” there’s a lot.

The balance changes outlined are only some of the changes coming, but they do highlight the most important of the balance changes. Specific values to the changes discussed will be released in patch notes.

Balance changes touch on virtually everything from Ascendancies, Aura Stackers, Impale Mechanics, Minions, improving underused skills, skill changes, flask charge on critical strike cooldown, unique items, alternate quality changes, Far Shot, Tailwind, and Elemental Aegis effects.

For example, one such balance change to Ascendancies include,

“Improve interesting stats on Ascendancies, while removing less-interesting or less-essential secondary stats. This brings these ascendancies closer to the style and design intent of Path of Exile 2's ascendancies, where notable passives have fewer stats, but are individually more impactful and interesting.”

You can check out the full post here. If you missed the new Passive Skill trees coming to the Echoes of the Atlas expansion, you can catch up here.


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