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There May Yet Be Another Entry in the EverQuest Franchise According to Holly Longdale

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Variety has a new interview with EverQuest's Holly Longdale that deals with the franchise as a whole, kind of a "history of" type of thing, but what piqued our interest is the bit about a possible new entry in the EverQuest franchise. "I would never say that there isn't a world where I wouldn't love to do another co-op or even a single-player experience that tells some of these amazing stories that we've fleshed out over 20 years, but the social dependency is who we are." she said.

Continuing, Longdale said, "It's questing with other people. It is having a role on a team. I don't think we'll ever move away from that, even if it were a single-player game like Dragon Age, that's our special sauce and what our players would expect. You don't think "EverQuest" and thing "single player game". Whatever we do in the future, we're going to embrace what we are. There's 20 years of magic in there that's sustaining. And we'll mix something we think is the next evolution for EverQuest."

Read the full interview at Variety.

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