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There Is Now A Petition To Bring Back The Matrix Online

Time for a comeback?

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The Matrix Resurrections released its first trailer this week and it's causing quite a stir not just for fans of the movie series, but also the long, lost MMO, The Matrix Online. Now some fans are trying to bring back the old MMO to celebrate the fourth installment in the movie series with a Change.org petition.

Initially released in 2005 by Monolith Productions, and then Sony Online Entertainment, The Matrix Online ran for four years, shuttering finally in 2009. In that time the MMO obstensibly continued the storyline of the movie series, with the Wachowskis being involved in its early development and giving the game their blessing to effectively make the story in-game canon. 

However, with the MMO shuttering in 2009 thanks to low player counts and an overcrowded market, it's a game that many might not know existed, especially fans of just the movies themselves. However, with the trailer for the next installment in the movie series hitting this week, it's thrust the MMO back into the spotlight, and some fans want it to stay there.

In a petition on Change.org, fans are calling for Warner Bros. to bring back The Matrix Online to let fans relive the storyline itself, as well as use the game for in-game alt-world marketing. While the trailer itself was released this week, the petition is bring thrust into the spotlight once more after having been created quite a while ago it seems.

"The Matrix Online should make a comeback as we anticipate part 4! Imagine reliving the storyline up to closure and Matrix 4 alt-world marketing in the game. The game had archive story missions, character missions, cool combat animation & awesome clothes in a cyberpunk environment. Put her back online! The Matrix Online has been deeply missed. So many were unable to have this great gaming experience that was ahead of it's time. Charge a one time fee or monthly. Run ads in the city billboards. Whatever it takes to bring it back!"

Many of the events in The Matrix Online might influence the movie as well, such as explaining why Lawrence Fishburne isn't reprising his iconic role as Morpheus. During the run of The Matrix Online, Morpheus was involved in story event which saw the character killed by the Assassin, a Machine made program, after he set off a couple of "code bombs" in order to force the Machines to give back Neo's body. As the events from the game were meant to be considered canon, this could explain why Fishburne isn't returning, and instead as confirmed yesterday Yahya Abdul Mateen II is playing what looks to be a younger "Morpheus."

Whether or not the petition itself will be successful remains to be seen. As of this writing it only has 167 people have signed it, and Warner Bros. might have no desire to get the series back into game development. However, it's interesting to see how a movie trailer as impactful as The Matrix can throw a game canceled more than a decade ago back into the spotlight.


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