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The WoW Companion App Let's You Manage Your Shadowlands Adventures

Just in time for Shadowlands

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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On the back of the release date for World of Warcraft Shadowlands slated for October 27, here’s your reminder that you can manage your adventures in the upcoming expansion through the recently announced companion app.

You’ll be able to leverage the app to manage your content in Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and Shadowlands. For example, you’ll be able to manage and plan your adventures by viewing all the adventures available to you. You can check on their status, and view the Calling Quests and rewards as well.

As indicated earlier, the app will support multiple expansions like Legion, BfA, and Shadowlands. The app will also be a way for you to get the latest news. You can of course take a look at your character as well and inspect the armor, weapons, and more. Community and guild chat will be available as well.

And if you missed it, the Shadowlands animated short titled Afterlives Bastion was shown off yesterday during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live. You can check out the full animated short below:


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