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The World of Wild Terra is Overflowing with Evil From Now Through November 5th

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From now through November 5th, Wild Terra Online can take part in Halloween festivities including carving Jack O'Lanterns to hang on cursed unholy trees that have infested the world. During the event, players can earn unique mounts, pets, outfits and the Trick or Treat title.

Make Jack-o'-lanterns from pumpkins and hang them on the cursed trees to dispel the darkness! Evil will not allow you to destroy Unholy trees so easy, so take true friends to cope with Infernal animals. Defeating three waves of evil you get a Demonic Chest! Demonic chest contains a huge number of unique prizes.  In the Events section of the Auction appeared prizes that can be obtained by exchanging them for the Brains of the zombie animals. It’s can be obtained from all cursed monsters.

Lastly, you can leverage a sweet 75% off for the duration of the event.

Learn more on the Wild Terra Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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