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The Wonders of Gond Returns to Neverwinter Sept 9th on Console, PC in October

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Neverwinter's Wonders of Gond event, will be back on consoles this week, starting on Thursday, September 9th at 7:30AM PST. Find the Clerics of Gond and take down a variety of creatures to get Wondrous Grommets to make into other parts, as well as other, rarer reward pieces usable in crafting even more impressive items. 

Wondrous items will drop too, which means possibly faster progress towards crafting some of these items, including a Doohickey. Equip a Doohickey and use it to deal damage to enemies. Or trade a Doohickey for a Creations of Wonder Pack and have a chance at some choice items. These include a shot at a choice of rare mount and an artifact, Blacksmith companion (since the event does celebrate a great smith!), pet or ward. Upgrade even more into the Wondrous Doohickey item for more power. The packs will be available through the event, which will last through September 16th at 7:30AM PST.

Some of the rare mounts you have a chance at include the Apparatus of Gond or Embellished Apparatus of Gond. Gond's Anvil of Creation is an artifact that can regenerate stamina when used. Useful for a day of hunting. There are also ways to trade in Wondrous loot for even more helpful items. Maybe even a Bore Worm to ride? Unlock that for your account through this event as well.

For those who want a head start, there's also a Wondrous Mechanical pack for sale in the Zen Market that can help one get going for the event. This pack has some parts to begin your collection to start crafting the event items.

Neverwinter's events continue to grab players, and there's still lots to explore in the most recent update. The recurring Wonders of Gond event will be running on Xbox and PlayStation first, and will return for the PC in October. We'll have more once the fates are out. For full details, visit the Wonders of Gond page over at the Neverwinter site.


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