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The Witching Hour Returns to DC Universe Online With New Feats, Style Items, and Spooky Fun

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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It's The Witching Hour again in DC Universe Online, with the return of the Halloween event. Expect new base items, new feats, and some style items.

This year's event runs from now through November 2nd and The Midnight Masquerade nightclub and the streets of Gotham City are your key locations. Go over to the House of Legends and speak to either the Phantom Stranger or Tala to begin. Most of the features are similar to previous years, with a couple of new items to keep things festive.

Queue up for The Midnight Masquerade alert and team up to fight the haunting of the gothic club. There are several phases to get through and you’ll have to uncover what’s behind the haunting and the mysterious masked apparitions, in order to stop it at the source. If you haven’t done this one before, be prepared to face emulated powers of several familiar characters.

Also returning this year is the Multiplayer Aerial Movement Challenge: Flapping in the Night. You'll get to race around Arkham Asylum after being turned into a vampire bat.  you can start this by going to the House of Legends. 

There are a couple of new feats this time. You’ll have to figure out how to earn En Gourd!,  Hole-y Bedsheets, Batman?, and Patch Pillager. Also new are the Pumpkin Knight style items and the Spooky Host Accessory, which you can get by earning the seasonal currency, Spooky Bites, and trading them in for items using Teekl’s Halloween bucket. You’ll get these as rewards for completing the Midnight Masquerade and the daily event quest The Witching Hour in your journal.

There’s also the return of the fall vault during the event period. You’ll get a new mission when you find the Vault-O’Lantern in the House of Legends that opens access to the themed vault. 

Read more on this year’s event over at DC Universe Online.


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