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The Witches Festival in Elder Scrolls Online Invites You to a Monstrous Good Time

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The Witches Festival is coming to Elder Scrolls Online starting October 18th. During the event, not only can you have a ton of fun taking part in the thrills and chills while collecting Witches Festival-themed loot, but you can literally be a monster while doing it! Those who opt to use the Witchmother's Whistle (obtained via a special quest) can buff themselves & their party with a 2-hour 100% XP boost AND transform into an Undead.

Should you take part in this year’s festivities, you can earn some amazing Witches Festival-themed loot, and throughout the event, all boss monsters will drop Plunder Skull containers. Note that you don’t need to have the XP buff or polymorph active to acquire these unique rewards, but it can’t hurt!

Plunder Skull containers have a chance to contain the following spooky items:

  • Hollowjack Motif Pages or Books
  • Pieces of the new Apple-Bobbing Cauldron memento
    • Combine all seven to receive a runebox that contains this unique holiday-themed memento
  • A Runebox containing one of these masks:
    • Pumpkin Spectre Mask
    • Scarecrow Spectre Mask
    • Hollowjack Spectre Mask
    • Thicketman Spectre Mask
  • Witches Festival-themed recipes
  • Furniture and furniture recipes
  • Hollowjack and Dremora Style Materials
  • Bewitching Alchemy reagents
  • …and an assortment of creepy items!

You can also get hold of Dremora Plunder Skulls that can contain everything above, but also to grant a "new Dremora Motif page based on the type of boss you defeated".

Last, but not least, you can also collect Event Tickets that can ultimately lead to a new mount by the end of 2018. Read the details here.

Check out the full event notes on the Elder Scrolls Online site.


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