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The Wagadu Chronicles Will Let You Farm, Dye Clothes, and Dance for Fish in Alpha 2 Next Month

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The Wagadu Chronicles  will hold its second alpha next month, from September 12-16, with players able to test out things like farming, additions to crafting, a series of combat improvements, and fishing ponds that reward you with a twist. 

In the time since the previous alpha, when Wagadu first opened its doors to player testing, the team at Twin Drums has added several new systems and added to others. You’ll be able to dye clothing in this second alpha build, as crafting improvements now allow for this, among other changes. Farming in Wagadu will incorporate the overall vision too, with most of the vegetables based on indigenous African produce. 

The game’s synchronous, turn-based combat system also got some improvements, including new special moves added to the current weapon set. These should give you an edge in taking on some spirits and get more items.

On the  practical end, shrines will now be able to heal you. There have also been new buildings added, including the player market, and storehouse. Not only will these be useful for the player-driven economy and building around your villages, all of the buildings added are upgradable. If your village grows and its needs change, you might choose to upgrade, and you can do that as a village member.

Wagadu also now has fishing ponds. Yet, before you think this is just another fishing minigame, you’re actually not wrong, but how you’re wrong is the difference. Fishing ponds will be around in the world, and you will find a minigame there, but instead of catching fish for resources or materials, as in most games, you’ll have to entertain them.

Fishing ponds come with a rhythm minigame where you have to dance and entertain them in just the right way. If successful, you’ll get rewarded by the fish.

The test will be open to selected testers and backers, and anyone interested in signing up for a chance at an invite can head here.


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