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The Wagadu Chronicles Taking Applications For Alpha 3, Set to Begin March 13th

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Alpha 3 is coming for The Wagadu Chronicles. Set to start on March 13th, the new alpha is still taking applications for the next round of testing.

The team at Twin Drums hasn't revealed  what's coming in the next alpha test, but in previous tests, there were major changes and new systems introduced each time. The second Alpha test took place last fall and testers were able to explore the 5th Era islands, each with their own features, lore, and histories. 

There were new islands to explore, as well as the farming system, which appeared in a public testing build for the first time. Not only were they able to farm, but to meet new characters, to try out dancing for fish and dyeing clothing in addition to farming. With the game structured as a sandbox, with an emphasis on roleplay and lore, systems like this will be important.

With about six months since the last alpha, there are undoubtedly some new systems or at least progressed development that we're waiting to see once we know more about this next test. Alpha-2 ran for about two weeks, and since then, the team has team has been sharing details about The Wagadu Chronicles’ development, resources, art, and more elements that go into the inspirations and making of the game over on Twitter if you’re looking to catch up. 

Alpha-3 is set to begin on March 13th, and the alpha application is still open. In fact, the developers say you can apply up until March 13th, so if you're waiting to learn a little more about what to expect this time around, that's also an option. 

You can apply for the next test over here

For more on the game, head to The Wagadu Chronicles.


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