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The Wagadu Chronicles Showcases Savannas, Chat Bubbles And More In Kickstarter Update

Scoping the Savanna

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Afrofantasy  MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles took to their Kickstarter to share an update on the MMORPG, showing off savannas, chat bubbles, and more in the update.

The Wagadu team has started to pour over research taken from Africa's savannas to start coming up with concept art of the flora and fauna that players will encounter in the biome. The team shared some of the concept art on Kickstarter, showcasing the different trees, flowers and characters you'll enounter whilst in the savanna.

Also, the team showed off some of the concept art around the spirits in the game, as well as some of the basic animations on the Kickstarter update. The Wagadu Chronicles Kickstarter update also explores some of the tech side, showing off some of the dev work behind the chat system, including the chat bubbles currently in the build. Additionally, they showed off the name generation system, aimed at creating names aimed at maintaining the "flavour" of The Wagadu Chronicles

You can check out the full update post on Kickstarter. If you need a refresher, The Wagadu Chronicles is an upcoming MMORPG inspired by African traditions and mythologies. The MMO exceeded its original goal, as well as secured some extra funding to bring both the MMO and the tabletop 5E role-playing game to life. 


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