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The Wagadu Chronicles Receives More Funding Support from Medienboard

Medienboard has Fun with Funding

Steven Weber Posted:
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Twin Drums, the development team behind The Wagadu Chronicles, has received additional funding from Medienboard, a regional business with branches aimed at funding films and media development.

The amount that Twin Drums will receive is €175K Euros, which would double the amount the studio generated from their successful Kickstarter, €163,910. In addition to Kickstarter and Medienboard, Riot has also backed the team as part of their Underrepresented Founders Program. The Managing Director of New Media Promotion of Medienboard had this to say about their funding goals:

"New year, new creative perspectives! The pandemic has not yet been overcome, which is why it is all the more important to continue to support the industry and launch new projects. In this funding round, projects with various stories, topics about equality, barrier-free game approaches and sustainability aspects have been highlighted. These are important developments! Innovative content has all the more impact through contemporary stories that reflect our society and its conflicts!"

- Helge Jürgens Managing Director of New Media Promotion, Medienboard

The Wagadu Chronicles received the most funding out of all of the other projects on the list. While the game has been outlined heavily in the Kickstarter, it has only just begun development. TwinDrum's aim is to create an Afrofantasy MMORPG steeped heavily in lore and roleplaying, with a unique art style. The team is also working on a 5E boardgame. We look forward to seeing more as the game begins to materialize.


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