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The Wagadu Chronicles Previews What You'll Experience in Its First Alpha

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The Wagadu Chronicles is drawing closer to its alpha, and developer Twin Drums is sharing some new details on what we can expect from this round of player testing. 

The team has previously previewed some of its rich character customization system that will let players pick from different lineages, body types, skin colors, names, features and hair. These will be available in the first alpha. Another feature of the game is the cinematic dialogue mode, through which you can have one on one conversations with other characters around you and see the characters up close.

For this round of testing there will be two biomes to explore. The Rainforest and the Grasslands both feature their own settlements, animals, vegetation, features like waterfalls, burial sites, and spirits. The game is based on legends and is designed as a 5E pen and paper setting that encourages exploration, community, and character building, so having supportive environments fits that vision. Another supportive feature is the party system, by which you can chat, experience combat and go on quests. Guilds let you solidify your community too.

You’ll be able to test out the turn-based combat system to battle spirits and animals all around Wagadu and earn some rewards. During the alpha, you can also interact with some of the game's AI, which include people, animals, and even spirits. Interact with your environment and you may be surprised at what you find.

The game's crafting system relies on recipes and ingredients which you can find around the world and because the game is a sandbox, The Wagadu Chronicles will feature a player driven economy. You have the opportunity to craft and create what you need. As for what you don’t need for your own use, there is a player trade and barter system. 

If you’re interested in applying to join the test, Twin Drums handles this after subscribing to The Wagadu Chronicles official newsletter.


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