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The Wagadu Chronicles Opens Closed Alpha Today

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Wagadu Chronicles has begun its alpha testing phase as of today. Developer Twin Drums has opened the doors after a series of peeks recently taking us into just what players can expect when they’re able to test the game. 

The game, which is based on a 5E system, incorporates African mythologies and legends with fantasy storytelling and systems. The emphasis is on roleplaying and community, with more of a sandbox environment, leaving players more in control of how they experience the world. The closed alpha will give players access to a rich character customization system that features a range of options, including lineage, skin colors, body types, hair, and features. 

Given the emphasis on roleplay and the blend of mythology and fantasy, expect to have room to create your character and develop how you want to play. Influenced by your choices, of course. Yet, the team is still putting in lots to discover, from the number of different animals in the world to spirits you can meet (and sometimes, battle), an in-depth crafting system, and more. 

There have been several recent games that have tried to pare back systems and let players have more control over their characters and their overall paths. This might be reflected in less linearity or less emphasis on combat or specific ways to progress. The Wagadu Chronicles is one of these games, and with the team welcoming its first player testers, we should expect to hear more about the features and experiences players begin to shape as testing continues.

Those interested in testing The Wagadu Chronicles during the closed alpha period can express interest once they’ve signed up for the official newsletter. The newsletter will be where the most recent info will come, but for more on the game, head over to the official site.


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