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The Wagadu Chronicles Has Launched Into Steam Early Access Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Wagadu Chronicles has finally launched into Steam Early Access today, bringing the partially crowdfunded MMO to players on PC. 

The Twin Drums team announced it was planning its early access launch to happen before the end of the year back in August, and they hit that mark with today's launchThe Wagadu Chronicles, for those who haven't been following its development, is an isometric MMO set in the Afrofantasy world of Wagadu. It is a sandbox MMO that emphasizes a freely customizable character creator, with players choosing the skills they want to specialize in to create their ideal avatar. This could mean you end up as a great warrior or a farmer who helps grow the food for crafters specializing in cookery, and more. In theory, the combinations are both compelling and intriguing ways to play an MMO right now.

Players can build villages together that harness the skills of all their citizens, join a Society (Wagdu's version of a clan or guild), and help drive the social backbone of the sandbox.

The Wagadu Chronicles is partially funded by Riot Games' Underrepresented Founders Program, though it was also partially crowdfunded through Kickstarter. The world of The Wagadu Chronicles is also being adapted into a 5th Edition rulebook for tabletop players who want to expand the world in their own sessions.

The MMO is on sale right now on Steam to celebrate its early access launch, according to the official Twitter page. You can grab it now for just around $20 and dive in to see how it's shaping up as it starts its early access journey.


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