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The Wagadu Chronicles has Hit its Funding Goal on Kickstarter

A Chronicle of Wagadu's Kickstarter

Steven Weber Posted:
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We reported earlier this week about Wagadu Chronicles, an Afrofantasy isometric MMO. We are glad to report that the Kickstarter has officially funded at 100% and stretch goals are now on the table, as the game still has another 35 days before funding closes.

At the time of this report, over 1600 people have backed the game, with the unique story, setting and role-playing potential at the forefront of its popularity. You can download Wagadu’s free 5E lorebook to learn more about the games’ 5E compatible setting.

Some of the premiere features that Wagadu Chronicles is planned to have on release are:

  • A Dialogue Mode – This is a mode that can be triggered when two or more people chat with each other. It allows for close ups and the use of many animations (from emotions to little show-off spells) you can basically create your own little live show with friends or strangers as you explore and role-play your character's story.
  • Robust Class System - The 5E setting adapts the usual class system to Wagadu, the MMO takes a freer approach. You have skill "presets" that look like traditional "classes" but you can freely break away from that and build your own warrior-oracle or farmer-chef, nothing stops you.
  • Sandbox Driven Economy - Just as in other sandbox MMOs, we will leave the economy in the hands of the players. If there are only a few Fire Asimans in the game who can craft fire potions, these will become rare and expensive and people will have to travel more to find where to buy them.

As with any Kickstarter MMO, the actual release will be quite a long way off, but the premise of a new and unique MMO is nothing if not encouraging. Hopefully we see some new and exciting stretch goals hit the Kickstarter Page before funding ends.


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