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The Wagadu Chronicles Continues Charging Towards Stretch Goals

Plus they're hiring

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Upcoming isometric MMO The Wagadu Chronicles continues to blast past various Kickstarter stretch goals as they put out a hiring call.

The goal for the project was $117,439 but as of this writing, the team has raised $162,661. They’ve been able to meet stretch goals such as a navigation system, Swala manifestations, Oware game, Ikaki manifestations, and live African musicians. The next stretch goal is set for $168,000 and includes Emere Manifestations.

The team also announced on Twitter that they are hiring, specifically looking for underrepresented people,

“We are hiring! Join the delightful team of @TwinDrums to work on The Wagadu Chronicles

Remote work is possible. We are looking for:

- 3D Artist

- Programmer

Underrepresented folks are VERY welcome[.] Apply: https://bit.ly/3ln8eQU

The game was officially funded on September 25 with over 1600 people backing the game at the time. Features include:

  • A Dialogue Mode – This is a mode that can be triggered when two or more people chat with each other. It allows for close ups and the use of many animations (from emotions to little show-off spells) you can basically create your own little live show with friends or strangers as you explore and role-play your character's story.
  • Robust Class System - The 5E setting adapts the usual class system to Wagadu, the MMO takes a freer approach. You have skill "presets" that look like traditional "classes" but you can freely break away from that and build your own warrior-oracle or farmer-chef, nothing stops you.
  • Sandbox Driven Economy - Just as in other sandbox MMOs, we will leave the economy in the hands of the players. If there are only a few Fire Asimans in the game who can craft fire potions, these will become rare and expensive and people will have to travel more to find where to buy them.


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