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The Wagadu Chronicles Alpha 1 Begins in February

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If you’ve been wondering when The Wagadu Chronicles will finally let people in to test the game, the wait is almost over. According to the office Wagadu Chronicles twitter account, Twin Drums will be releasing their Alpha 1 test in February 2022.

Last week, Twin Drums teased to their followers on twitter, that there was an upcoming special announcement headed their way. Earlier today, the official Wagadu Chronicles twitter account provided a soft Alpha 1 release date for February.

If you’re wondering if you’ll be able to get into Alpha 1 to help test the team, it appears you may be out of luck. As a quick refresher, The Wagadu Chronicles funded a successful kickstarter, where players that pledged €140.00 or more would get Alpha 1, and all subsequent development phase access. The Wagadu Chronicles ended up funding €163,910 for their Kickstarter, but the team has also partnered with RIOT games.

Billed as an Afrofantasy MMO, Twin Drums professes players should expect a truly unique roleplay experience with cinematic dialogue to perpetuate what they deem “curated role-play interactions.” Their dialogue system plans to create a feeling that other players are the exciting NPC-like inhabitants of the world, as you navigate new, adventure-laden stories. This should appeal to a lot of gamers that feel that roleplaying hasn’t received the attention that it deserves.

For now, much of the game is still under wraps, but those that are looking to really dive into the world and lore of Wagadu Chronicles can pick up their free 300-page Wagadu lore book, which is D&D 5E compatible. For more information, check out some of our previous coverage, which includes images of the biomes you can expect, alongside a lot of the concept art, which shows off the various cultural art styling that Twin Drums is working so hard to bring to life.


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