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The Waffenträger: Legacy Brings a Favorite Vehicle and 6v1 Challenge Back to World of Tanks

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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World of Tanks is bringing back a community favorite starting next week in The Waffenträger Legacy. The event begins September 26th and runs through October 10th.

This year’s event will have some twists. This time, the von Krieger family will be represented by Ermelinda, daughter of the Engineer Max von Krieger. You’ll still get the opportunity to face the Blitzträger auf E 110, however. Ermelinda will be operating the legendary tank to meet the intruders and face the members of the Alliance on the other side.

A Harrier squad will be six random players, though a platoon of up to three players is allowed to be represented. This time around, Harrier players will have unlimited respawns, There will be a penalty. Every time you need to respawn, it will take longer to do it than the last time. So it benefits you not to go down. If you’re handling Plasma on board your vehicle, and you’re able to go faster than 50km/hr, the counter will slow down and eventually disappear, giving you more time to make the delivery.

World of Tanks has been restructuring some of its events to be clearer in their reward paths and just how to get what you want. This event is no different. The Waffenträger: Legacy is “more linear and visually understandable. You will always know which rewards you can earn and how soon you will achieve the next Progression Stage”, the announcement says.

Now, if you’re looking to get into that Blitzträger auf E 110 and face down a Harrier squad, you’ll be able to get a key from things like playing the game or buying bundles in the shop.

Of course, there are a series of rewards, including two new tanks - the FV4201 Chieftain Proto, a Tier IX Premium British heavy tank and KV-4 KTTS, a Tier VIII Premium Soviet tank destroyer.

For full details, including all the changes from the previous edition, key strategies, and loot, see the announcement at World of Tanks.


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