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The Undead No Longer Strafe, and Mortal Online 2's AI Get Substantial Tweaks in New Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest update for Mortal Online 2 has a lot of AI updates and changes, fixed a load of bugs, and added some spells, buildings, and resources.

Some of the AI updates include a new crowd movement improvement that will help AI avoid colliding with and clipping others. The team says it will be mostly seen in combat and they’re going to continue work to tweak and fine-tune the feature. They added task and PCs to all cities, improved the AI targets scanning so that the AI won’t start attacks outside of the leash boundaries.  

Additional AI additions include tweaking the movement so that AI shouldn’t stand inside other AI while attacking you in cases when you are being attacked by more than one enemy. AI will also slow down and settle in place faster when they stop, no longer lag behind when traveling slopes, and no longer speed up when getting close to the enemy. AI targeting is also tweaked so that AI is limited in the scope of spotting targets, and their movement is less jerky. In a related move, the Minotaur King has reduced hearing and sight so that it’s easier for your group to actually get into the room and prepare to take him on.

Oh, and undead can't strafe anymore. "Disabled strafing for undead. Strafing caused undead to not face their movement direction when engaging players, causing sliding and moon walking."

Most of the changes are adding things that are necessary like guild wars, press extraction devices for all cities, New buildings, armor crafting materials, and spells.

There are changes to pets, which are now guild flagged, along with guild friends. When you have guild friends and their pets, they no longer count as illegal to damage.So if you’re the type who goes around attacking your friends’ pets and want to trigger the “can become a criminal” option, there you have it.

Mortal Online 2 is in its final months of development before the launch. See the full patch notes here.


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