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The Trading Post is Open in World fo Warcraft, With Mounts, Pets, Armor Sets and More to Earn

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 After a couple of weeks of waiting, Dragonflight’s Trading Post is now open in World of Warcraft. The new feature lets you trade a new currency, Trader’s Tender, for a series of cosmetics and items. The February items include a pet, a mount, armor sets, and more.

The Trading Post uses a Traveler’s Log, with tasks to complete throughout the month to earn more Trader’s Tender. If you complete the activities and fill the special bar at the top of the log, you can get a special bonus item for the month as well. The bonus reward is another new mount, Ash'adar, Harbinger of Dawn.

After some discovered that this monthly reward was something you’d have to fill up your log 12 times before you’re able to complete a special achievement and claim a different armor set, some were frustrated by the grind involved. 

Yet, while there are many shiny hunters who want to grab everything rare they can, the Trading Post is still looking like it’s going to feature some fun items that will be available at even just the 500 Trader’s Tender everyone can claim each month, or close to that plus a bit earned from tasks. 

This month, the Garrlok pet can be yours for 750 Trader’s Tender. Claim the Celestial Steed for 900. An Operative’s Bandolier is available in two colors for 250 each. How about a bouquet of flowers offhand item? 100 Trader’s Tender and two choices for two different moods–Rosy or Fetid.

There will be a limit to how much Trader’s Tender that you can earn per month, so the monthly rotating items are likely to be found in a similar range going forward. 

For more on the Trading Post, and to see all of February’s items, read the announcement over at World of Warcraft.


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