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The Top Fighters from Legends of Aria's Arena Summer 2020 Have Been Crowned


Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Legends of Aria team have shared the top fighters for their Arena Summer 2020 winners.

The Arena Season actually just recently concluded. A whole bunch of players showed up and participated. There were many brackets to compete, with each bracket having their own group of winners. If you placed, be sure to talk to the Arena Master in Pyros and claim any reward. Winners are listed by 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3.

Here are some of the winners:

Ethereal Moon 1v1

  1. BurntToast [1368 ELO]
  2. Innocent Virgin [1171 ELO]
  3. Fivestar [1169 ELO]
  4. WizardBoys24 [1162 ELO]
  5. Bernie Sanders [1083 ELO]
  6. BLACK [1078 ELO]
  7. MelbaToast [1074 ELO]
  8. sirsplended [ 1066 ELO]
  9. DarkSplended [1060 ELO]
  10. Booglerz [ 1046 ELO]

Crimson Sea 1v1

  1. ChusterLoL [1335 ELO]
  2. Kironov [1235 ELO]
  3. Brianne [1215 ELO]
  4. Morros [1195 ELO]
  5. KD corny [1147 ELO]
  6. AnonymouS [ 1133 ELO]
  7. Souly [1128 ELO]
  8. Sin [1090 ELO]
  9. Mandrake Scream [1089 ELO]
  10. Cloud [1070 ELO]

In related news, Season 6 Toil and Trouble has started taking place in the West Valusia region. You can read more about the new season here.


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