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The Symphony of Destruction Has Begun in Blade & Soul With the Musician Class, Dungeon, and More

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The Symphony of Destruction update is here for Blade & Soul. The update brings the 15th class, the Musician,  along with a brand-new in-game music system. Also in the update are the first mounts added to the game, the new art gallery, the Grim Nexus dungeon, fixes, and Halloween emotes.

The Musician is a new class for female characters of Jin, Yun, and Lyn races. The first two specializations arrive in this patch for the Musician to use her harp and unleash attacks or to give her allies bonuses and protection. Using one, she can specialize as a damage dealer, using music notes to attack and damage enemies.  using the other specialization, she can be a key support player, using music to buff allies’ damage, reduce their damage taken, and heal the team. A third stance is available using the harp, but this one is a non-combat stance that just allows you to play music on your harp, using up to 24 notes. 

This update also allows you to saddle up for the first time as the game gets its first mounts. The first two added to the game are horses, the Brown Stallion and a Black Horse. The mounts will increase your sprint and water dash speed when you're on them and they have infinite Windwalking stamina. 

A new feature called the Art Gallery will let you collect cards to increase your character’s stats. To get new cards, complete challenges through the Contract system or from Demonsbane dungeon drops. If you get duplicate cards, you can trade them to get a higher tier of the same card.

The latest Demonsbane dungeon, and a convenient card opportunity, is the new Grim Nexus dungeon. Completing this one will let you continue investigating the Chaos mystery.

There are two new Halloween emotes, Ghostly Gingersnap and Pumpkin Pastry, each coming with new titles. The patch also offers a number of balance changes and adjustments in the update, including the Equipment Guide will now show you what materials you’ll need to upgrade your gear. 

For more, read the full patch notes over at Blade & Soul.


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