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The Story of Rebirth

Keith Cross Posted:
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IGG has revealed the back story behind the rebirth system in Myth War II.

With the release of Myth War II Online(http://mw2.igg.com/main.php), players will soon be learning about reaching new heights of power, long thought unattainable. This has been made possible by the discovery of the second rebirth process. Every time characters are reborn in game, it means a new beginning, a clean slate…almost. But there is a story behind this process, a story that hasn't been told in generations and is at risk of being lost forever.

After the rebirth, you become a living legend. Those who have quested for the five soul stones are many, those that have succeeded are few. With the resurrection of the Gods, they then give their blessing that Rarus Continent remain forever peaceful. However, during this tranquil, divine moment, you receive a message from the Gods. You have been chosen by them, and entrusted with a great deal of responsibility. You are chosen to lead the continent on a new course, to return it to glory. This is a mission that will change your fate forever.

The traitor Hades’ and his distain and contempt for the rules meant the conflict between his underworld kingdom and the Gods’ would eventually be reduced to meaningless slaughter. In combat, Hades had inflicted heavy losses on the Gods’ armies. His seven commanders contributed a lot to this temporary victory. The seven dark weapons they possessed had no equal among the mortals and were devastatingly effective. With the inevitable death of Hades, his seven commanders fled the battlefield and hid in the underworld, where they could not be found. Their seven dark weapons were then sealed by the Gods for eternity.

Many years passed and people began to become complacent. They forgot the lessons of the past and the forces of darkness sensed an opportunity. The time is now for warriors on Rarus Continent to once again raise arms and help the Gods defend the peace, and their homeland. Three of Hades’ elite commanders have arrived at the place where their weapons were sealed and have tried everything to remove the seals. The second War of the Gods is on the verge of breaking out. If they break the seals, the flames of war will once more engulf the world, plunging it into darkness and death...

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Keith Cross