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The Storm's Fury and Revival Catalyst Are Here As Dragonflight 10.0.5 Goes Live

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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World of Warcraft update 10.0.5 is live. It’s time to step into the Storm's Fury,  gather some gear to transform via the Revival Catalyst, and get ready for the Trading Post.

The Storm’s Fury is the latest repeatable event to challenge, and it’s going to take some solid teamwork. The event will repeat every five hours and you can get there by teleporting to the Primalist Future. You'll have to work together with others to seal the Primalists’ portals and defeat the creatures they summon. They are looking to dominate Azeroth so they're going to bring some tough challenges. Defend successfully and earn yourself Essence of the Storm, your key to getting your pick from level 385 rings, the Skyskin Hornstriker mount, a Chasing Storm toy, and more.

Gear is new and shiny until it’s now, and you need an upgrade. Well, the Revival Catalyst is here to let you turn gear pieces earned from the Great Vault, Mythic+ raids, PvP, world bosses and more into the corresponding gear for the matching slot. Complete an account-wide quest every week to earn a charge to the Revival Catalyst. You'll have to complete relevant content like raids or PVP to do so.  Complete that and you will get a separate charge for each character on the account. You'll be able to store charges. 

While the Trading Post won’t launch until February 1st, this update will bring everything that’s required for the new feature to kick off. Working like a battle pass, you’ll be able to complete tasks from a list that changes each month, earn the new currency, Trader’s Tender, and exchange it for cosmetics from a selection that will also change monthly. 

The rest of the update features the return of the Mage Tower, balance changes, and tweaks to Solo Shuffle.  These extra changes are designed to discourage players from leaving, and make it clear how the system will handle them if they do, especially repeatedly.

Read the updated full patch notes over at World of Warcraft.


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